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A Truly Private and Simple Video Conferencing Platform
With No Video or Audio Stored

Simple Video Conferencing Features

Blanc Conferencing is designed to be extremely private and secure, as well as convenient to your everyday life. Your conference information is never stored, leaving everything Blanc.
Private Rooms

All rooms are generated with a unique URL with the options of: adding a room access code or requiring approval before anyone joins the room.

Transit Encryption

All traffic from the user’s web browser to the server goes over standard TLS, using WebRTC. Standard DTLS and SRTP security protocols are used.

Nothing to Install

Available on all desktop and mobile browsers. Easy and ready to use at your convenience. No sign up for guests!

Extra Features You Deserve

Screen sharing, group chat, individual user chat, shared notes, collaborative whiteboard, breakout rooms, status updates, and PDF uploads.

Our Pricing.

Blanc Conferencing is currently FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

The system is designed to not allow any recordings of audio or video on our back end. This means we solely act as the connection between two parties and nothing more.
The Blanc Conferencing service respects your privacy and security so much, we often see methods need to be repeated for connecting. Always be sure to check that your browser permissions are allowing Blanc Conferencing to access your microphone and Camera. This is the main blocker for working hardware.
Absolutely not! Once they open the link in their browser of choice they will be able to join the conference call with the name of their choosing.
This platform was created for any individual who cares about having their conversations online remain private from spying eyes. Some professional industries that have benefited include legal professionals, Medical Workers, Not for Profit Companies, Journalists and more.
The Blanc Conferencing service only allows a moderator to share their screen. Please request that the Moderator of the conference call allows you to be a presenter in the presentation. *For Moderators: please click on the user’s name on the right and select “Make Presenter”.
This is just one of many stories we have seen. 'Mute' button in conferencing apps may not actually mute your mic

Skilled Team

Alex Blanc (Advisor)
Security Expert
Mitch Cohen
Privacy Professional